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Our Brand Strategy Process

Our brand strategy process helps build the ultimate marketing strategy for all future campaigns. Learn more about what we do below.

The Brand Discovery Process

We have a unique process that we use to build an integrated marketing strategy for our clients and they are apart of every step in the entire process. We start by asking them about their business, what problems need solving, who is buying from them (their customer demographics) and then figure out how best to reach those people with content through various channels such as email campaigns or social media posts. What to expect:

  • Identify Company Challenges
  • Define Company Goals
  • Define Brand Attributes
  • Define Revenue Paths
  • Define Awareness Paths
  • Define Efficiency Tools
  • Define Customer Types
  • Build tailored Marketing Strategies to reach out to those clients with current revenue paths.
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The VisionScape

VisionScapes is a creative and engaging process, which allows us to create the ideal look of your company brand. We use images, color palates, typographies and textures in order to really define it. This can be made up of copyright material but must not be published or shared with others; instead we make about 5-6 copies for our own reference while consulting you on what path the company wants to take strategically.

    The Brand Design

    During the Brand Discovery Process, you and we have agreed on your product’s VisionScape. We can then begin to design a logo for it, lay out templates for its print materials such as cards or labels—even help with designing your website if need be. All of this is done according to our carefully-designed brand guideline that ensures everyone in future projects will know exactly how each item should look!

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