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The client was struggling to acquire new projects in the highly competitive South Florida market. They faced an average Cost to Acquire (CTA) of about $1600. With numerous competitors bidding on the same keywords, the client needed an effective strategy to identify high-traffic keywords, aiming to substantially lower their conversion and acquisition costs.


We tackled the challenge by integrating Google Ads with targeted SEO tactics, focusing on less competitive, high-traffic keywords. This strategy boosted visibility, significantly reducing the client’s Cost to Acquire (CTA) and optimizing conversions in the South Florida market.


Enhanced Market Visibility
By targeting less competitive, high-traffic keywords, the strategy significantly increased the client’s online presence in the South Florida market, making them more visible to potential customers.

Reduced Acquisition Costs
The use of Google Ads combined with precise SEO tactics led to a substantial decrease in the Cost to Acquire (CTA), making the marketing efforts more cost-effective.

Improved Conversion Rates
The strategic approach not only attracted more traffic but also targeted more relevant audiences, leading to higher conversion rates and more efficient utilization of marketing resources.

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Choosing our services means partnering with a team that has demonstrated success in one of the most competitive markets. Our strategic approach to digital advertising has consistently delivered results, as showcased in our recent South Florida campaign, where we achieved an impressive conversion rate of 1.11% and maintained a cost-effective Cost Per Conversion at $80.50. By utilizing a precise blend of Google Ads and SEO, we not only improved visibility but also managed costs effectively, ensuring that every dollar spent works harder for your business. Our expertise in pinpointing high-traffic, low-competition keywords means we can craft a customized campaign for you that is both cost-efficient and conversion-focused, driving your business towards tangible growth.

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