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J&K Electronics



Previously, J&K faced hurdles with a minimal online presence; their web leads were dwindling, and their Google Ads efforts seemed fruitless. This situation compounded the challenge posed by the previous marketing agency’s delivery of subpar leads. Seeking a turnaround after over a year of relying on referrals, J&K was in dire need of a fresh strategy to spark significant growth and gain robust, effective support.


Our approach involved harmonizing Google Ads and strategic SEO methods, emphasizing high-traffic but less competitive keywords. This approach effectively enhanced online visibility, markedly decreasing the Cost to Acquire (CTA) for the client and improving conversion rates, particularly in the Houston, Texas area.


Elevated Online Presence in Houston Our strategy honed in on high-traffic but less competitive keywords, markedly boosting the client’s digital footprint in the Houston, Texas market. This resulted in greater visibility among potential customers.

Lowered Customer Acquisition Expenses
Integrating Google Ads with focused SEO techniques substantially lowered the Cost to Acquire (CTA), enhancing the cost-effectiveness of our marketing endeavors.

Enhanced Conversion Efficiency
This tactical approach not only drew in more visitors but also reached a more pertinent audience, culminating in improved conversion rates. This led to a more effective use of marketing resources.

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Opting for our expertise equates to collaborating with a team that excels in fiercely competitive locales. Our digital advertising acumen is evident from the success in Houston, Texas, where we secured a commendable conversion rate of 3.11% while maintaining an economical Cost Per Conversion of $99.08. Through an adept combination of Google Ads and SEO, we’ve not only amplified online presence but also curated cost-efficiency, maximizing the return on every dollar invested in your business. Our skill in identifying high-traffic yet underutilized keywords empowers us to devise bespoke campaigns that are both cost-conscious and conversion-oriented, propelling your business toward measurable growth.

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